Ms. Rocio Alcazar Cruzaley

Rocio Alcazar Cruzaley


Studies:  International Association of Montessori Studies
Association Montessori Internationale   A.M.I.
Mexico, City  1983.
Languages: English –  advance command.
Spanish – full command.

Aug 2007- current

Dynamite Montessori School
Cave Creek, Arizona, USA.
Position:  Montessori Head Teacher Primary Class.

Jan. 1991 to June 1992

Ancona Montessori, A.C.
Mexico, City.
Position:  Montessori Head Teacher Infant Community (Toddlers) class.
Feb. 1989 to Dec. 1990 Kinder Montessori de Heredia
Heredia, Costa Rica, Ca.
Position:  English Montessori Teacher Primary class.
Feb. 1987 to Dec. 1988 Casa de los Ninos Montessori de Heredia.
Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica, CA.
Position:  Montessori Head Teacher Primary class
 Aug. 1983 to June 1986 CEMAC  Montessori Educational Community School, A.C.
Mexico City.
Position:  Montessori Head Teacher Infant Community (Toddlers) class.
 Aug. 1983 to June 1986 Interamerican Institute of Human Rights, Costa Rica
Positions: a)Responsible of Educational Material Reproduction Department which is besides in charge of mail and, bills and checks of the Institute. b) I have been working in the Logistic Area for three consecutive years in the Annual/International/ Interdisciplinary Course of Human Rights, and the Transcription of Lectures.  c) I Coordinated the agenda And itineraries of Magistrates of different Latinamerican Countries in the International Observers Special Commission for the Presidential Elections in Honduras.

A.M.I / USA  Annual Refresher Courses:


February 2008      Atlanta, Georgia.
June/July 2008     San Diego, California. (Language and Math)
February 2011      Long Beach, California.